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1846 iconoscope

Size This measures 290x140mm overall and has an 8-pin base. The gun neck measures 150x25mm and the image section 110x120mm.

The 1846 iconoscope was used in a TV guided bomb design - BC1211-T4 ( Airborne TV Camera, 1846 iconoscope, 28-V, U/W BC-1212 transmitter, P/O SCR-549 TV system ) - in the latter part of WWII. See here for info.


2Grid 2
4Anode 1
5Grid 1

NB the above data is from the spec sheet of the 1848 iconoscope. The four caps surrounding the image window are not to be connected and are only used during manufacture.


Side view Side view

Screen view Screen view

Gun view

Quarter view
Quarter view

Donated by Bill Hewitt

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