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Westinghouse 1B24 / CV725 TR cell, often used with the 1B37 ATR Cell. 8.5 to 9.6GHz.

Size This TR Cell measures 115x44mm overall. The glass section is 26x43mm, plus connector. The metal section is 44mm diameter and 15mm thick. The clear glass aperture is approx 8mm in diameter. It weighs about 200g.

1B24 markings CV725 markings

Tuning range 3.1 to 3.5cm
Keep alive current 100 to 200µA
Keep alive voltage 400V

The keep alive voltage varies over the life of the cell. It rises to about 550V during the first 1000 hours, and then falls off to about 325V after 2000 hours. After this the cell needs replacing as it will no longer provide sufficient protection.

Top quarter Bottom quarter

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