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Eimac 2-01C UHF diode

Size This valve measures 43mm from pinch to tip and 15mm across at the widest point.

The Eimac 2-01C is a small, closely-spaced, low-capacitance, high-vacuum diode designed for use through the ultra-high frequencies. In measurement work, it is well suited to mounting in a probe and will maintain accuracy in the order of ±1db up to 700MHz. It is useful as an indicator at frequencies as high as 3GHz. It is used as the detector diode in an HP 410B VTVM.

See also US Patent 2,491,735

Heater voltage 5V
Heater current 340mA
Max peak PIV 1000V
Max DC anode current 1mA
Max anode dissipation 100mW
Anode resistance (at 12V) 8k ohms av., 25k ohms max
Resonant frequency (approx) 2800MHz
Zero signal voltage (11M ohm load) 0.6 to 1.4V
Direct interelectrode capacitance 0.7pF

Below is a picture of a Tiode, a tie pin made up from a 2-01C.
(Picture supplied by Tom O'Brien)


(thanks to Ludwell Sibley, Brad Thompson, Tom O'Brien & Al Klase for information)

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