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STC 4045A (CV243) tetrode

4045A size The valve measures 150x60mm overall and has a 5-pin base.

4045A inside
The filament of the valve is a M-shaped band which is quite wide in dimension. The two grids can also be seen in this photo.

Filament voltage 5V
Filament current 1.6A
Max anode voltage 250V
Screen grid voltage 80V
Amplification factor (Va=145V, Vg2=70V, Vg1=-60V) 5.2
Anode impedance (Va=145V, Vg2=70V, Vg1=-60V) 3650 ohms


Pin Function
1 Anode
2 Control grid
3 Filament +
4 Filament -
5 Screen grid

Top quarter Bottom quarter
Thanks to John Iliopoulos for donating this valve

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