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Western Electric 708A UHF triode

Size This valve measures 65x48mm overall and has 4 connections

This is a receiving grounded-grid triode mixer.

Filament voltage 1.7V
Filament current 1.85A
Max anode voltage 350V
Max anode current 50mA
Max anode dissipation 15W
Max grid current 12mA
Average characteristics
Anode voltage 350V
Anode current 45mA
Amplification factor 10
Grid-anode transconductance 2500 micromhos
Anode resistance 4000 ohms
Cfg 2.7pF
Cag 3.2pF
Cfa 0.1pF


Top view
Tp quarter Bottom quarter
Thanks to John Walker for providing data on this valve

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