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ATP4 pentode

Size This valve measures 113x40mm overall and has a Mazda octal base.

This valve consists of two electrode structures strapped in parallel.

Filament voltage 2.6V
Filament current 300mA
Max anode voltage 150V
Max screen voltage 150V
Max anode dissipation 5.0W
Mutual conductance * 5.2mA/V
Cag max 2.0pF
Ca - all 18.0pF
Cg - all 19.0pF
*: At Va=Vg2=150, Vg1=-10


Pin Function
1 Filament -
2 n/c
3 n/c
4 Screen grid
5 Control grid
6 n/c
7 n/c
8 Filament +
TC Anode
This valve was donated by Chris Jones

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