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AV33 tungsten filament control diode

This valve measures 91x32mm overall and has an octal base

This diode is aimed at use in regulated power supplies. When sufficient anode voltage is applied to obtain temperature limited or saturated anode current the anode current does not vary significantly with changes in anode voltage. However, it does vary rapidly with changes in filament voltage.

Filament voltage4.0V
Filament current (approx)1.0A
Max DC anode voltage250V
Max anode current10mA
Typical operation
DC anode voltage100V
Saturated anode current3mA
AC filament voltage3.7V
Filament current960mA
Min anode voltage for 80% saturated anode current20V

1, 2, 4Filament
6, 7, 8


Donated by John Kaesehagen

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