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(last updated 5/March/2006)

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Watching the skies
Jack Gough

A useful reference on Radar in a readable format, with some technical information. Appendicies include radar calculations, a list of Army radar from 1939 to 1955, and a list and brief description of AMES equipment.

This is not currently in my library.

Metres to Microwaves
British development of active components for radar systems 1937 to 1944.

A really useful reference to WWII developments surrounding radar valves and associated devices.

The Saga of Marconi Osram Valve - a history of valve-making
Barry Vyse and George Jessop.

British Radio Valves
The Vintage Years: 1904-1925
Keith R Thrower

70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves - 2nd edition
John W. Stokes

Microwave Tubes
A.S.Gilmour, Jr.

High-Power Microwave Sources
Victor L. Granatstein and Igor Alexeff, editors

Echoes of War: The story of H2S radar
Sir Bernard Lovell

This is both a really good read and a really good reference on radar, its development and in particular H2S, and on the author's WWII activities. It is written from the author's perspective and ties in with other books on WWII radar. Lots of useful references.

Boffin: A personal story of the Early Days of Radar, Radio Astronomy and Quantum Optics.
R Hanbury Brown

Just like Echoes of War, this is another good read, as well as a good reference, setting out, again from the author's perspective the early days of radar, travelling through WWII and on into the author's work in astronomy. A fascinating tale. Roughly 50/50 WWII radar/post-WWII astronomy.

The Bruneval Raid
George Millar
GEMA: Birthplace of German Radar and Sonar
Harry von Kroge
Instruments of Darkness
Alfred Price
The Invention that Changed the World
The story of Radar from War to Peace

Robert Buderi
Most Secret War
British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945

Pursuit through darkened skies
An ace night-fighter crew in World War II

Michael Allen DFC
Top Secret Exchange
The Tizard Mission and the Scientific War

David Zimmerman
Beam Bombers
The secret war of No. 109 Squadron

Michael Cumming
Marconi: A War Record
George Godwin
TM11-455 Radio Fundamentals
TM11-466 Radar Electronic Fundamentals
NAVSHIPS 900,017 Radar Systems Fundamentals
Ground Radar Systems of the Luftwaffe 1939-1945
Radio Communications and Ultra High Frequency
Thorn EMI 50 years of radar
Magnetrons - Hinkel
Radar development in Canada: the Radio Branch of the National Research Council
Radar Technik - H.J.Fischer, 1956. (In German)
The Great Detective
Radar - a report on science at war. HMSO, 1945
The Secret War, BBC
Messenger Gods of Battle
Winning the radar war
Bomber Harris
BBC Engineering Training Supplement No. 8: Microwave Valves
Introduction to Valves including reference to CRTs
Klystron Technical Manual
Technical history of the beginnings of radar
Station X
Michael Smith
Saga of the Vacuum Tube
Radar in WWII (2 vols)
The true story of the Battle of Britain
Len Deighton
The Deadly Fuze
Secret weapon of World War II
Ralph B. Baldwin
Radar on the Isle of Wight
Mike Dean MBE
Historical Radar Archive
A Sussex Sunset
RAF Pevensey & RAF Wartling 1938-1964
Peter Longstaff-Tyrrell
Pioneers of Radar
Colin Latham and Anne Stobbs
Radar - a wartime miracle
Colin Latham and Anne Stobbs
The Services Textbook of Radio - Vol 7 - Radiolocation techniques.
Brigadier J.H.Haigh
RDF1: the location of aircraft by radio methods 1935 to 1945.
Michael Bragg
The High Frequency War
A survey of German electronic development
By Lt. E. S. Henning
June 1946
British Standard 448 - British standard specification for dimensions of radio valve bases and valve holders
British Standard 1409 - Letter symbols for electronic valves
Joint Service Specification K1001 issue no. 6
CV Register of electronic valves
Electronic Valve Specifications (EVS) (incomplete)
General requirements for RAF telecommunication and allied apparatus: Specification No. DCD WT1000 Issue 5 (with addendum no. 1 March 1948)
AP2537B Vol 1: Valve Tester, Type 4A (instructions and data)
The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope in Radio Research
Communications: an international history of the formative years
The Creative Ordeal: The story of Raytheon
History of British Radio Valves to 1940 - Keith Thrower
British Radio Valves: the Classic Years: 1926 - 1946
The Tube Guys
The Cathode Ray Tube: Technology, History, and Applications - by Peter Keller

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