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STC CV1288 / 4304CB RF triode oscillator

Size This valve measures 160x60mm overall and has a 4 pin B4 base.

See also CV315 and CV1062, both of which share the 4304CB markings.

Filament voltage 7.5V
Filament current 3.2A
Max anode voltage 1250V
Max anode dissipation 50W
Amplification factor *


Anode impedance * 5k ohms
Mutual conductance * 2mA/V
Max frequency for above ratings 100MHz
Cin max 2.5pF
Cout max 1.0pF
Ca, g max 3.5pF

*: At Va=1000V, Ia=50mA.

Pin Function
1 n/c
2 n/c
3 Filament
4 Filament
TC1 Anode
TC2 Grid

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