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CV15 (E1266), low power version of the VT90 micropup without the anode fins and with a bolt-down heatsink for conduction cooling instead. It was used in the 70cm ASV (Air-Surface Vessel) radar at first, producing 10kW in push-pull pairs at 1µs pulses/1500pps. This radar later used the NT99.

CV15 end view

CV15 side view

Markings on the valve are 37K, Up-ArrowP on one side of the block, and CV15 stamped on the other.

Filament voltage3.25V
Filament current6.75A
Max anode voltage4kV
Max anode dissipation1W
Amplification factor (at Va=500V, Ia=20mA)15.5
Max operating frequency300MHz

Cooling should be provided so that the temperature of the anode does not exceed 140C, even if just the filament volts are applied.


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