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Nore Microwave Ltd CV1881 argon-filled noise source

Size indicator The device measures 225x14mm overall.

View inside the device

Filament voltage 6.3V
Filament current 400mA
Striking voltage on DC 1000V
Normal operating voltage (Ia=180mA) 60V
Max operating current 250mA
Nominal continuous operating current 180mA
Nominal noise power (Ia=180mA) 15.5db
Nominal noise power output change with current -0.005 db/mA
Nominal useful working frequency 3GHz-12GHz
Nominal gas pressure 30mm




Pictured here is the mount associated with the CV1881 noise tube. Data attached to the mount states ENR at 180 mA, 9 GHz = 15.396 dB, 10 GHz = 15.389 dB.


Mount pictures provided by and copyright Wim Ton.

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