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CV2163 triode

This valve measures 200x115mm overall

Heater voltage16.0V
Heater current7.3A
Max pulse anode voltage (must not be exceeded)11.0kV
Max anode dissipation *1500W
Max mean anode current during pulse50A
Amplification factor **45
Mutual conductance **50mA/V
Max pulse duration5µsecs

*: For this dissipation forced air cooling shall be provided by not less than 150 cubic feet of air per minute through the anode cooler with a pressure drop of the order of 3" of water, and approx 20 cubic feet per minute of air through the grid cooler. The temperature on the outside of the anode flange, on the inner edge of the grid disc and on the base of the cathode connector shall not exceed 100°C. These conditions apply for ambient temperatures up to 30°C. Air must be flowing before the power is switched on, and it is recommended that the flow be continued for approx 2 minutes after power is switched off.
**: At Va=1.5kV, Ia=0.8A
A rigid connection must be made to the anode or grid only.

Looking at the main photo, the topmost connection is the heater, followed by heater + cathode. The grid connection is the disk in the middle and the anode is at the bottom.

Quarter view
Above: Grid and cathode detail, below, view of grid from end.


Dismantled CV2163 provided by Colomor Electronics

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