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CV2263 klystron


Size This valve measures 92x69x41mm overall and has an octal base with 5 pins fitted


Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current560mA
Max resonator voltage400V
Max resonator dissipation20W
Reflector voltage range-80 to -170V (a)
Min RF output15mW
Mechanical tuning range9250 to 9500MHz (b)
Min electronic tuning range30MHz
Nominal reflector voltage change for the above20V
Max total impedance in reflector to cathode circuit500kΩ

(a) Each valve is marked with the reflector voltage at which it will oscillate and give a power output of at least 10mW across the band. This valve is marked -135V. Note that the reflector voltage must never become equal to or more positive than the cathode.
(b) Mechanical tuning is effected by means of a suitable plunger fitted externally to the aperture opposite the waveguide output.


Pin Function
3No pin
4No pin
6No pin
7Heater + cathode
Front view

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