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CV238 S-band reflex klystron


Size This valve measures 100x55mm overall and has an octal base.

This is a frequency variant of CV116, CV237 and CV272. These klystrons were developed to replace the CV35/36/67 series of valves which, at 1200 to 1500V were inconvenient for high-altitude use.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.5A
Tuning range 2930 - 3130 MHz
Max resonator dissipation 8W
Mean resonator voltage 250V
Reflector voltage range 100 - 175V
Grid voltage 0V
Min AFC range 20MHz
Reflector voltage change for 20MHz frequency change 25V


Pin Function
1 Grid
2 Heater
3 n/c
4 Resonator
5 n/c
6 n/c
7 Heater
8 Cathode
TC Reflector


CV238 reflex klystron
CV238 top view

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