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CV2666 double beam tetrode

This valve measures 107x55mm overall and has a 7 pin B7A base. 

This is an RF double beam tetrode based on the 829B.

Heater voltage (centre tapped 12.6V heater) 6.3V
Heater current 2.25A
Max anode voltage (with forced air cooling) 750V
Max grid voltage -175V
Max grid current 7.5mA
Max screen grid voltage 225V
Max anode dissipation 20W
Max screen dissipation 6.5W
Mutual conductance * 1.9mA/V
Anode impedance * 67k ohms
Inner µ (g1 - g2) * 5.6
Max frequency at full ratings 200MHz
Max frequency at half ratings 300MHz
Capacitances (each section)
Cag max 0.12pF
Cge nom 13.75pF
Cae nom 6.95pF
Cg2c max 65pF

*: At Va=300, Vg2=250, Ia=25mA

Pin Function
1 Heater
2 Control grid "
3 Screen grids
4 Cathode + beam plates
5 Heater centre tap
6 Control grid '
7 Heater
TC1 Anode '
TC2 Anode "

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