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CV273 UHF triode

Size This valve measures approximately 65x23mm overall

CV273 UHF disc seal triode. This could operate up to 3.7GHz and replaced the larger CV90 in 1945 as a local oscillator.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 400mA
Max anode voltage 350V
Max anode dissipation 10W
Max mean anode current (cw) 50mA
Max peak anode current (cw) 150mA
Amplification factor * 30
Mutual conductance * 6mA/V
Efficiency at 30cms 28%
Efficiency at 10cms 10%
Cag 1.1pF
Cout max 0.03pF
Cin 2.0pF


*: At Va=250V, Ia=20mA.

The anode seal temperature must not exceed 140C. The specification states that in order to achieve this and also limit the rate of change of anode seal temperature it is necessary that the mass of metal in close thermal contact with the anode disc is 2oz or more or brass or equivalent.



As shown above, the anode disc is uppermost with the grid disc below. The heater/cathode connection is the outer, and the heater the inner of the concentric connector at the bottom.


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