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EEV CV3982 / M506 magnetron

Size The measurements are approx 155x130mm overall, plus 87mm for the output waveguide.


Heater voltage 3V
Heater current 3.8A
Max peak anode voltage 15kV
Max peak anode current 12A
Nominal operating frequency 9410MHz
Max frequency pulling 15MHz
Max mean input power 150W
Typical operating conditions A B
Field strength 3250 oersteds 3800 oersteds
Peak anode voltage 11.5kV 14kV
Peak anode current 12A 12A
Peak output power 45kW 45kW
Pulse repetition rate 1000pps 1100pps
Pulse duration 1µs 0.4µs
Rate of rise of pulse voltage 150kV/µs 200kV/µs


The magnetron here is marked as 9435MHz.

Top view

Quarter view Quarter view

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