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CV4042 / S19G6F reliable halfwave rectifier

This valve measures 50x17mm overall and has a B7G/F base.

This valve is based on the CV371. The equivalent pinned valve is CV4057.

Heater voltage4.0V
Heater current500mA
Max anode voltage (RMS)2kV
Max working PIV5kV
Max no-load PIV6kV
Max DC output current30mA
Max heater/cathode voltage10V
Max peak cathode current180mA
Max reservoir capacitor1.1µF
Min limiting resistance4500 ohms
Min HT switching delay for full rating20 secs
Max shock (short duration)500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation)2.5g

Note: The valve must be operated with one side of the heater connected to the cathode.
1Internally connected
5Internally connected
6Internally connected
7Internally connected


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