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CV4097 RF power amplifier beam tetrode

Size This valve measures 62x19mm overall and has a B9A base.


Filament voltage 2.5V / 5V
Filament current 460mA / 230mA
Max anode voltage 150V
Max anode dissipation 5W
Max screen voltage 150V
Max screen dissipation 2W
Anode current * 28mA
Screen current * 2mA
Mutual conductance * 4.3mA/V
Max operating frequency 100MHz
Max shock (short duration) 500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 2.5g
Cin nom 8.5pF
Cout nom 4.6pF
Ca, g1 max 0.17pF


Pin Function
1 Anode
2 n/c
3 Beam plate
4 Filament -ve (series) +ve (parallel)
5 Filament +ve
6 Screen grid
7 Control grid
8 Beam plate
9 Filament centre tap (series) -ve (parallel)

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