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CV424 double RF beam tetrode

Size This valve measures 115x42mm overall and has a 7 pin base.

The prototype of this valve is QQV06/40. It has a centre tapped 12.6V heater.

The valve can operate at full ratings up to 150MHz with normal radiation/convection cooling. With forced-air cooling at 2cu.ft per minute it can operate to 250MHz, and with cooling at 5cu.ft per minute to 300MHz.

See also CV2797.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 1.8A
Max anode voltage 600V
Max grid voltage -175V
Max screen voltage 250V
Max heater cathode voltage 100V
Max cathode current (each) 120mA
Max peak cathode current (each) 700mA
Max anode dissipation (each) 20W
Max screen dissipation (each) 3.5W
Max grid dissipation (each) 1W
Max bulb temperature 180C
Cag 0.06pF
Cgc 10.5pF
Cac 3.2pF
Cout 2.0pF
Cin 6.0pF

Edge view


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 Control grid "
3 Screen grids
4 Cathode
5 Heater centre tap
6 Control grid '
7 Heater
TC1 Anode '
TC2 Anode "

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