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CV4503 reliable subminiature pentode. This valve is based on the CV472 and CV476

This valve measures 37x9mm overall and has a B8D/F base

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current200mA
Max heater-cathode voltage100V
Max anode voltage (Ia=0)350V
Max screen voltage (Ig2=0)350V
Max negative grid voltage-50V
Max positive suppressor voltage0V
Max negative suppressor voltage-100V
Max operating anode voltage190V
Max operating screen voltage190V
Max anode dissipation1W
Max screen dissipation400mW
Max cathode current13mA
Max grid circuit resistanceFixed bias: 250k ohms; Auto bias: 1M ohms
Max vibration (100 hours duration)5g
Max vibration (10 mins duration)20g
Max shock (short duration)500g
Max bulb temperature165°C
Max ambient storage temperature-60 to +85°C
Typical operating conditions (Va=Vg2=100, Vg1=-1.4, Vg3=0)
Anode current7mA
Screen current2.2mA
Mutual conductance3.1mA/V
Inner µ28
Capacitances (shielded)
C in (nom)3.8pF
C out (nom)4.8pF
Cag1 (max)0.3pF

1Control grid
2Suppressor grid
5Screen grid


Donated by John Kaesehagen

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