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Size This CRT measures 230x460mm overall and has an octal base.

This is an electromagnetic deflection CRT with electrostatic focus. As the screen is aluminium backed the CRT can be used with either anode or cathode at earth potential.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.2A
Max anode 3 voltage 9kV
Typical working conditions
Anode 3 voltage 8kV
Anode 2 voltage * 1.3kV +/- 100V
Anode 1 voltage * 1.35kV +/- 100V
Beam current 150µA
Screen OOL (orange/orange/long persistence)
Grid voltage for cut-off -70V
Max Cgc 20pF
Max C cold cathode to all electrodes 20pF

*: The first anode must always be at least 50V positive to the second anode.

Pin Function
1 no pin
2 Anode 1
3 Anode 2
4 no pin
5 Grid
6 Cathode
7 Heater
8 Heater
Side connector Anode 3
Quarter view

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