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CV5348 trigger tetrode

This valve measures 52x17mm overall and has a B7G base

Max anode voltage to prevent self ignition310V
Min trigger voltage necessary to cause trigger breakdown (anode voltage 300V)183V
Max trigger voltage at which trigger breakdown will not occur (anode voltage 300V)173V
Max trigger to anode voltage200V
Min trigger to cathode current necessary to cause transfer100µA
Min trigger to cathode current necessary to cause transfer (100pF capacitor between cathode and trigger, anode voltage 300V)8µA
Max peak cathode current (max 20µs duration)50mA
Max cathode current (max 50ms duration in 10s)6mA
Max DC cathode current3.5mA
Max operating speed100cps approx

5Do not connect
6Auxiliary cathode
7Main anode


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