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CV5843 double triode

This valve measures 54x19mm overall and has a B9A base

This valve is described as a trustworthy double triode for use in high-speed digital computers.

Heater voltage6.3 or 12.6V
Heater current450mA or 225mA
Max anode voltage300V
Max +ve grid voltage0V
Max anode dissipation2.2W
Max cathode current15mA
Max heater-cathode voltage90V
Max grid circuit resistance (fixed bias)100k ohms
Max grid circuit resistance (cathode bias)500k ohms
Capacitances (without external shield)
Cag (each section)3.0pF
Cin (each section)3.8pF
Cout (section 1)0.5pF
Cout (section 2)0.38pF

1Anode 2
2Grid 2
3Cathode 2
6Anode 1
7Grid 1
8Cathode 1
9heater centre tap


Donated by Ian Wood

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