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CV6005 / BS502 X-band monitor diode

This device measures 280x10mm overall (18mm across the flange) 

 This is an X-band monitor diode. As shown in the main picture, the heater/cathode connection is at the top and the heater at the bottom. The middle section is the collector (anode) connection.

Frequency range 8.5 to 10GHz
Max VSWR 1.3:1
Heater voltage (pre-heat) * 6.3V
Heater current (Vh=6.3) 1.2A
Load resistance 68 ohms
Power sensitivity 14.1 to 17.3kW
Maximum ratings
Peak input power 20kW
Mean input power 18W
Pulse length 2µs

*: The maximum diode life will be obtained if the heater voltage is reduced when the diode is operating with RF power input. The reduced voltage should be 10 to 20% above the value at which the amplitude of the diode output voltage begins to decrease.


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