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CV6118 hydrogen thyratron

Size This thyratron measures 295x115mm overall and has 6 leads.


This valve is based on the CV2418. It is a pulse tetrode hydrogen thyratron with reservoir.

Filament voltage 2.5V
Filament current 40A
Reservoir voltage 5.0V
Reservoir current 4.25A
Max peak forward anode voltage 18kV
Max peak anode current 700A
Max mean anode current 1.25A
Max peak rise of anode current 5000A/µs
Max pulse average time 5µs
Max prf 2500pps
Ambient temperature range -25 to +70C
Min tube heating time 240s
Min peak forward grid voltage 400V
Max peak forward grid voltage 1000V
Min peak forward baffle voltage 350V
Max peak forward baffle voltage 1000V
Max negative grid bias 100V
Max time jitter 30ns


Lead Function
Black Cathode and filament
Yellow Filament
Red Reservoir
Brown Reservoir
Blue Baffle
White Grid
TC Anode
Top quarter view Base view

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