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CV64 S-band magnetron.

Size The valve measures approx 200x37x75mm overall.

CV64 S-band magnetron. This is an early strapped magnetron, the first large-scale production device to use echelon strapping technique. It was the successor to the CV38 (unstrapped) (see REL3C which is equivalent to the CV38).

Heater voltage 6V
Heater current 1.25A
Nominal operating frequency 3300MHz
Max mean power input 350W
Typical operating conditions
Pean anode voltage 13kV
Peak anode current 10A
Field strength 1350 gauss
Peak power output 40kW



The CV64 operated at 9.1cm with an input of 130kW peak (330W mean) at an efficiency of 30%.

The serial number is a bit unclear but possibly 7831. It has the numbers 4412 and 478888 stamped on the other side.

The magnetron was used in the AI Mk VIII radar, at first modulated by two CV57 tetrodes, later by the CV85 trigatron. It was also used in H2S. CV192 is an uprated version of the CV64.

Rear view showing cathode label, and side view showing cooling fins.
CV64 showing strappingCV64 xray
Picture and x-ray showing the echelon strapping (picture provided by Dan Stocks; xray by Jeremy Harmer)

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