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CV73 output beam tetrode

Size The valve measures 142x55mm overall and has a 7-pin base

This valve has aligned grids

Heater voltage 4.2V
Heater current 2.5A
Series modulator
Max anode voltage 3.5kV
Max screen dissipation 0.9W
Break modulator
Max peak anode voltage 12.5kV
Max screen dissipation 2W
Max anode dissipation 10W
Max screen voltage 700V
Max grid negative bias 700V
Max grid to screen voltage 1.2kV
Max peak cathode current
(pulse of approx 10µs duration, 400:1 min off-on ratio)
Mutual conductance
(Va=Vg2=200V; Ia=40mA)


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 Control grid
3 n/c
4 Heater
5 Heater
6 Cathode and beam plates
7 Screen grid
TC Anode



top quarter bottom quarter
The number 15 is marked on a shield below the electrode structure, and NE68A marked on the pinch

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