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CV8109 / DPM9-11 CRT

Size This CRT measures 300x85mm overall and has 12 pins and 5 side caps

This is a dual gun CRT. It was used in the Solatron CD1014 / 1016 series of oscilloscopes which were improved to give the CT436 series of scopes for the MoD. The CRT was developed from the GEC 924F series of tubes which were used in the Telequipment D33 scopes. It has a P7 (purple-blue/yellow-green, long persistence) phosphor. See also CV8108

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current600mA
Typical operating conditions
Anode 1 and 3 voltage1.5kV
Anode 2 (focus) voltage250 to 450V
Grid voltage-14 to -95V
Anode 2 current150µA
X-plate sensitivity23V/cm
Y-plate sensitivity15V/cm


1Cathode "
2Anode 2 "
3X2 "
4X2 '
6Grid '
7Cathode '
8Anode 2 '
9X1 '
10X1 "
12Grid "

Side connections: Y1 ' is in line with pins 6 and 7, followed by Y2 ', A1 and A3 (both guns), Y1 ",and Y2 "

Gun view

Deflector plates

Quarter view

Quarter view

Data provided by Bill Nichols

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