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GEC/Marconi/Osram (e.g. KT66)

A letter or letters followed by digits. The digits distinguish between different valves of the same type.

Letter(s) A Industrial valve
B Double triode
D Diode
GU Gas filled rectifier
GT Gas triode
H Signal triode (high impedance)
KT Kinkless tetrode (beam tetrode)
L Signal triode (low impedance)
MU Indirectly heated rectifier
N Output pentode
P Output triode
QP Quiescent push-pull double pentode
S Tetrode
U rectifier
VS vari-mu tetrode
W vari-mu pentode
X triode hexode/heptode/octode frequency changer
Y Tuning indicator
Z Sharp cut-off HF pentode
Figures distinguish between different valves of the same type

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