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Tuning Unit Type 207A

Front panel This unit contains a CV67 klystron, a 5Z4G fullwave rectifier and three CV71 neon stabilisers. The front panel has two 18-pin connectors which are mostly connected pin for pin to each other, two large single connectors which are again joined inside, and a co-axial socket which is connected directly to the CV67's cavity. There is a potentiometer below the name plate, a tuning control (top left) which fine tunes the klystron cavity, and a screwdriver-operated control marked 'coulping' which adjusts the output side of the cavity.
The klystron tuning arrangements can be seen in the picture on the right. The 'coupling' control connects to the left hand side which is also the co-axial connection to the cavity. The 'tuning' control connects to the right hand side of the cavity.
The 5Z4G base can be seen on the right. The two empty sockets top left are for CV71 neon stabilisers, only one remaining in the equipment.

The name plate of this equipment is marked Tuning Unit Type 207A, Ref No. 10DB/6904, Serial No. T003789.

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