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Mullard M8137 (CV4004) reliable double triode

Size This valve measures 55x20mm and has a B9A base

See also CV4035 which is the fly lead version of this valve. This valve is based on CV492.

Heater voltage 12.6V
Heater current 0.15A
Max anode voltage 330V
Max anode voltage (Ia=0) 550V
Max heater-cathode voltage 200V
Max anode dissipation 1.1W
Max cathode current 20mA
Mutual conductance 1.6mA/V
Amplification factor 95
Anode impedance 59k ohm
Max bulb temperature 200°C
Max shock (short duration) 500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 2.5g
Max negative grid voltage -55V
Max peak negative grid voltage -200V


Pin Function
1 Anode 2
2 Grid 2
3 Cathode 2
4 Heater
5 Heater
6 Anode 1
7 Grid 1
8 Cathode 1
9 Heater centre tap




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