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ML4 / 10E/17 / VT90 / CV1732 / CV2815 triode

Size The valve on the left measures 112x45mm overall and has a B5 base. The CV1732 (right) measures 110x32mm. Size

Note the CV2815 is not specifically listed as ML4 but the example here carries both numbers. The EVS data for CV1732 shows the ML4 was its prototype and that PO VT90 is its equivalent. All are thus represented here.

Heater voltage 4V
Nominal heater current 1A
Max anode voltage 250V
Max anode dissipation 5W
Mutual conductance * 3.75mA/V
Amplification factor * 12
Cag nom 6.3pF
Cae nom 4.5pF
Cge nom 7.2pF

*: At Va=200, Vg=-8

Pin Function
1 Anode
2 Grid
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 Cathode




Below left CV1732, right PO VT90.

CV1732 VT90

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