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Microwave oven magnetrons

These magnetrons measure 190x110x155mm overall Size

These microwave oven magnetrons are considerably larger than those familiar today. The examples from Litton and AMI are physically very similar. The developmental EEV magnetron proved too expensive to construct.

Above: Litton L5001; below: American Microwave Incorporated XL81 s/n 337
Below: EEV developmental magnetron
Developmental magnetron
Quarter viewQuarter view
Abovbe: Litton L5001; below: AMI XL81
Quarter viewQuarter view
Below: EEV developmental magnetron
Quarter viewQuarter view
Below: inside of an EEV magnetron, magnets removed, and cutaway of the anode block
Inside viewInside view
Below: a ceramic oven magnetron without magnets
Inside view

Ceramic magnetron donated by Guy Selby-Lowndes; information provided by Mike Diprose

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