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Lorenz RD12Tf pulse transmitter triode


Size The valve measures 90x75mm overall, plus the handle, and has an 13-pin base.

Known as the "marmalade jar" this triode can produce pulses of up to 50kW with anode modulation, and is usable at wavelengths down to 40cm.

Heater voltage 12.6V
Heater current 600mA
Max anode voltage 900V
Max cathode current 250mA
Max anode dissipation 75W
Max pulse anode voltage 10kV
Max pulse anode current 5A
Wavelength 40cm


BaseThe base is laid out, as in the picture, with heater and cathode connections to the far left and right. The upper and lower sets of three pins are the anode, with the three pins running across the centre being the grid. This layout allows the valve to operate at high frequencies.


Internal details

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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