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VCR139A / CV1588 / E4205/B/7 / 10E/466 CRT

The one pictured here was made by RCA and also carries the number 1810P1

VCR139A size The CRT measures 200x70mm overall


Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1.1A
Max final anode voltage 1kV
X-plate sensitivity 170/Va3 mm/V
Y-plate sensitivity 170/Va3 mm/V
Typical operating conditions
Final anode voltage 800V
Second anode voltage 135V
Beam current 3µA


VCR139A base
Looking at the base, pin 1 is at the top to the right of the key, 2 is next clockwise etc.
Pin Function
1 Cathode
2 Grid
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 A2
6 no pin
7 Y2
8 X2
9 A3
10 X1
11 Y1
12 no pin

The VCR139A was used in Rebecca Mk. I, II and III. It was much smaller than the VCR97 and so more suitable due to weight and size restrictions.



Refer also to the CRT shown further down this page.

RCA VCR139A gun

The construction of these two CRTs differs. The gun above is the RCA one, and the one below the generic one.

VCR139A gun

VCR139A of generic origin. This one is also marked 10E/466. In addition to the gun differences shown above, the quality of the screen glass differs as shown below. VCR139A

Here, the left hand picture shows the RCA tube screen, and the right one is the generic item which has a less refined glass.

RCA VCR139A screen Generic VCR139A screen

VCR139A screen with burn marks
The CRT pictured below has classic burn marks on the screen, presumably caused by the A-scan and range marker traces.

VCR139A (GEC) side view of labelsThis VCR139A also carries the E4205/B/7 identification, the marking 'Type 701A', and the serial number 1716. VCR139A
CV1588, serial number 3838. CV1588

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