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VT98A pulsed radar transmitter triode (10E/740, CV1580)

VT98A size The valve measures 358x90mm overall and weighs just over 2kg. Filament connections are at the top of the picture, grid to the side, and the anode is connected directly to the large cooling block.

See also VT98 and VT58A.

Filament voltage 8.25V
Filament current 37A
Max anode dissipation 750W
Max anode voltage 23kV

The valve was capable of operating at 100MHz, and with suitable precautions at up to 250MHz. It required forced-air cooling at 90 cu.ft./min with a pressure drop across the valve equal to 2" of water.

VT98A base VT98A base
VT98A inside view
View of internal structure, grid connection at the bottom of the picture and anode to the left.
VT98A anode
The anode
VT98A crate
A picture of the valve in its crate

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