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VU111 / CV1111 / 19G12 / AU5 / 10E/146 halfwave rectifier

size The valve measures 143x50mm overall and has a 4-pin base.

The prototype was V1907.

Filament voltage 4V
Filament current 1.1A
Max applied RMS voltage 5kV
Max working PIV 12.5kV
Max no-load PIV 14kV
Max mean DC rectified current 50mA
Max peak anode current 350mA
Max reservoir capacitor 1.2µF
Max limiting resistance introduced externally 4k ohm


Pin Function
1 n/c
2 n/c
3 Filament
4 Filament
TC Anode


The filament in the Marconi valve is in the form of three hairpins, each one supported by a spring to the ceramic top support. The filaments are bent at the top over a ceramic rod, with the support springs offset to one side as can be seen in these pictures.


CV1111 filament springs

The CV1111 marked version has the usual vertically positioned support springs.




STC 19G12 version (marked CV1111 on the other side) 19G12
AU5 marked version AU5
top quarter botom quarter VU111 box

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